Covid Care Kit 2

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covid care kit 2, fruits, fruit arrangements, care kit

Express your love and care by sending this Covid Care Kit 1. It includes essential items such as face masks, vitamin C supplements, alcohol, fruits and more, to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the pandemic. Perfect gift for your family and friends on any occasion!

- 1 Pineapple
- 3 Pears
- 3 Oranges
- 3 Apples
- 1 Kilo Grapes
- 1 (Piling) Banana
- 1 Melon Or Cantaloupe
- 30 pcs N95 Face Mask
- 60 pcs Vitamin C Capsule
- 50ml Hand Spray Alcohol
- Pulse Oximeter

Please Note:
Applicable for Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal delivery address only.
Cut-off time for the same day and express delivery is until 12:00 Noon only.
The exact packaging and brands of products may vary depending on the delivery location and availability.