Christmas Cupcakes

This item is not available outside Metro Manila
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SpeedRegalo gift delivery has got you covered with the perfect Christmas cupcakes that can be ordered online. These delicious cupcakes are baked fresh and are made with the finest ingredients. Each cupcake is adorned with beautiful and festive designs, making them a perfect gift for your loved ones during this holiday season it also comes in a variety of flavors the creamy frosting on top of each cupcake is well balanced and not overly sweet. Ordering the Christmas cupcakes is easy and convenient. Simply visit the SpeedRegalo website and select the cupcakes you want to order. You can choose to have them delivered to your loved ones doorstep or have them sent directly to your loved ones as a gift. The cupcakes are packaged securely, ensuring that they arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Flavor: Choice of Black Bottom (chocolate w/ cheesecake core), Chocolate or Vanilla
Box of 6
Box of 12

Lead time: 2-3 Days

Available within Metro Manila only