A Night Of The Tropics

A Night Of The Tropics

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Not all rums have the same taste. Each brand has an alternate flavor profile that is ideal for different personality, occasion and timing. Send your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or your client this rum set that will allow them to taste different flavors. Your recipient will get a bottle of Bacardi Superior (700 ml), a bottle of rich Captain Morgan Black Label (700 ml), and a bottle of tasty Malibu Liquor (750 ml). Celebrate graduation, birthday, father’s day or just a simple late night hang out add to an end of the week retreat, or ensure your number one host has a loaded bar with A Night Of The Tropics Rum-sweetheart set.

Item Included:
Bacardi Superior (700 ml)
Captain Morgan Black Label (700 ml)
Malibu Liquor (750 ml).


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