Concentrated Juice (500ml)

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Concentrated juice can make for a perfect gift because it is a healthy and refreshing alternative to sugary drinks. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals; it is a refreshing drink with many health benefits. Traditionally used to prevent common colds and flu, the vitamin C in calamansi ensures an immediate recovery from viral and bacterial infections. Especially if you consume the juice with cold and hot water, the blend of calamansi concentrate will produce tremendous benefits; regular consumption of calamansi juice purifies the organs and detoxes the colon, it prevents constipation, improves bowel movement and eliminates stored fat. Truly a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

No artificial color and flavor.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. - Can be stored under room/ambient temperature if not yet opened. - Refrigerate after opening.
Dilution per glass: Mix 50 ml drink concentrate to 1 cup / 6fl. Oz. / 200 ml of water and stir well. -Servings per container: Makes 10 servings of 240 ml. - Adjust to your preferred taste. - Makes 2.4 liters